Commonly Asked Questions about Carpet

Why is my new carpet shedding?

If you are finding little fluff balls on your carpet or in the vacuum, this is normal with a new carpet. It usually happens when the carpet is new and will disappear in the first year as the carpet settles in. 

Can I do anything about static?

Static happens if the humidity in the room is low. Static happens when you walk across the carpet. A humidifier will add moisture to the room and reduce the static. 

If I buy a less expensive carpet and use a good underpad, can I save money? 

A good underpad does help with conserving the value of the carpet. However, there is a lot of wear and tear, so be sure you choose the right one for the room based on your lifestyle.

Why do some carpet cleaners charge by the room and others by the square foot?

Using technical specifications of a product can give you a guide, but there are many other factors that can alter the comparison. For example, two carpets with the same specifications but made with different fibers will perform, look, and feel differently in the same environment.

Why do some carpet cleaners charge by the room and others by the square foot?

Short Answer: Charging by the room makes it simple to quote prices over the phone. When a company has a base cleaning price, it is easy to quote over the phone. 

Long Answer:  Charging by the Square Foot requires the technician to measure the carpet to be cleaned. This is necessary to determine the exact price, but it also allows the consumer to only pay for the areas needing to be cleaned. So, for instance, if the consumer only wants the high traffic areas cleaned, they won’t have to pay for the whole room.

Is the air quality different between natural and synthetic fibers?

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute,  all types of carpets have low emission levels, whether natural or synthetic fibers.

If I take out the carpet, will it reduce allergies? 

Interesting enough, removing the carpet does not reduce allergies and could increase the airborne allergens. As long as you vacuum on a regular schedule, you will be fine.

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