Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Mississauga

Business owners can spend more time then they hoped for figuring out how to cut unnecessary business expenses. Replacing commercial carpets is one of those expenses, one that could end up costing you a pretty penny. That is why Lakeshore in Mississauga recommends that you have your commercial carpets professionally cleaned.  Having your commercial carpets cleaned by trained professionals can give your carpets a healthier, much longer life.

commercial carpet cleaningPrevent Extensive Carpet Fiber Damage

Don’t wait to have your commercial carpets cleaned until they are visibly dirty and stained. Our carpet cleaning professionals are happy to help clean and refresh your carpets, however waiting until they are in bad shape to have them cleaned can cause significant damage to the fibers of the carpets. The best time to clean your carpets it before they look like they really need it.

Although regular vacuuming does make a difference, it is not quite enough to get deep down and remove the “hidden” dirt and pollen that find their way into the carpet fibers.  Our professionals have the proper solutions and cleaning techniques to remove the “hidden” dirt, pollen, dander, and other particles that can cause your employees and customers to cough, sniffle, and sneeze.  Without a professional carpet cleaning that “hidden” dirt can quickly break down and erode your carpets. The commercial carpet cleaning professionals will extend the life of your carpets and improve the air quality of you workplace increasing the moral of your employees and the comfort of your customers.

Protect Your Commercial Carpets

Every little particle that finds its way onto your carpets can contribute to the dulling and wear down of your commercial carpets. These same particles can create a stale odor and deteriorate the quality of air in the building. You may be surprised at what can be tracked into your building.

  • Residual oils from factories and car exhaust.
  • Fine dirt and sand from outdoor surfaces.
  • Residual salt from snow-melt.
  • Chemicals used to maintain grass and flower beds.
  • Food and other particles that customers or employees may step in.

So how often should you have your commercial carpets cleaned? It all depends on how heavy the traffic is in your building, but on average we recommend having your commercial carpets cleaned professionally once every 6 to 9 months. High traffic areas, such as restaurants, medical facilities, retail stores, and daycare facilities should have their commercial carpets cleaned once every 3 to 4 months. Lakeshore offers free carpet cleaning estimates and can customize your cleaning schedule to get the best results possible.

Prevent extensive damage to your carpet’s fiber and freshen up your carpet’s appearance when you hire our commercial carpet cleaning professionals in Mississauga. Overtime, foot traffic will cause your carpet’s fibers to lay down and get matted, but our professional carpet cleaners will life those fibers back to the position they were meant to be in.


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