Make the Right Investment in Commercial Carpeting

commercial carpetingCarpet offers a variety of benefits within commercial facilities, including contributing to the overall atmosphere of the environment and the ability to limit noise.

When selecting carpet, consider the following details and features:

Placement—Will carpet be placed wall-to-wall or only in certain areas of the building? If carpet is placed near entrances and exits, it is best to opt for a durable carpet and supplement it with matting that can capture soils and moisture. Likewise, if carpet is placed in areas where food and drinks are served or made, installing stain-resistant carpet, or using a stain-block product will be helpful.

Durability – Carpet tiles have become increasingly popular, as they are incredibly durable and easy to install and even replace as needed. That said, not all carpet tiles or traditional carpet is made to withstand decades of use, so it is essential to discuss the durability of a product with the manufacturer.

Construction – Most commercial facilities select tufted carpet due to its simple installation process and low price point. However, carpet made with 100% wool or wool blends can offer an upscale look and feel while also remaining easy to maintain. The construction of carpet matters not only for design purposes, but it will also impact the products you need to effectively clean and maintain it over time.

Sustainability – Today, there are numerous ways to reduce a building’s environmental footprint. For carpet, it is important to consider the manufacturer’s dedication to sustainable materials and processes, as some carpeting is treated with harmful substances. You can also select carpet made with recycled materials.

Strategies for Success

After selecting the right carpet for your facility, it is time to develop a maintenance plan. Most quality commercial carpet has a life expectancy of 10 to 30 years. To reach the maximum life expectancy, it requires proper care on a regular basis.

The four cornerstones of a smart carpet care program include preventative maintenance, daily maintenance, interim maintenance, and restorative maintenance.

Keeping your carpets fresh and clean is an important part of maintaining that professional image your business strives for, as well as giving the employees a healthier environment to work in.

That is where a professional carpet cleaning team at Lakeshore can help. Our professionals work efficiently and thoroughly and will work with your schedule.

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