Condominium Carpet Cleaning

Condominium Carpet Cleaning

Whether you are a property manager or owner of a Condominium, the areas that may have carpet can get heavy foot traffic throughout the year. Keeping the carpets fresh and clean is an important part of maintaining that high-quality image and especially important for potential buyers or renters.

As the daily maintenance tasks stack up, it may seem impossible to keep the carpet looking flawless. Commercial carpet cleaning tasks can be difficult for just one person to handle, and trying to keep up with spot, stain, and odor removal can be a major struggle. That is where a professional carpet cleaning team at Lakeshore can help.

Maintaining your condominium unit with regular professional carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, regular upholstery cleaning, and area rug cleaning, will help ensure you and your family are safe from harmful allergens accumulating throughout your residential condo and/or office.

Whenever we can, Lakeshore uses Truck Mount Equipment. Lakeshore Carpet cleaning professionals are able to clean up to 20 stories with the hoses attached to the Truck. After that, we bring in portable cleaning systems. Although the cleaning with the truck is powerful, we can definitely assure quality work for your condo unit with our portable deep cleaning equipment.

Keeping a homes carpet clean between professional deep cleaning, may be easier with these tips it’s much easier.

Shoes in the House

Make it a habit to remove your shoes as soon as you come in the house and encourage all visitors to do the same.

Add Carpet Protection  

Place a rug in the area of your home that gets a lot of foot traffic. The rug will still need regular cleaning, but deep-cleaning an area rug is a lot easier than deep-cleaning an entire room of carpet.  

Baking Soda

If you sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and rugs before you vacuum it will help keep your carpet smelling fresher for longer.


Regular vacuuming picks up dirt and helps avoid having it ground into the carpet deeper.

Replace Vacuum Filters and Bags Regularl  

Keeping your vacuum in good working order will help keep your carpets cleaner for longer.  

Deep Clean twice a Year   

Nothing beats a proper deep cleaning when it comes to protecting your carpets and keeping them clean.

It is good to make a twice-yearly note on your planner or calendar to give your carpets a proper deep clean. You can rent a carpet cleaner for the weekend if you want to do the job yourself or call in a professional for the best possible results.