Carpet Fiber Cleaning Challenges – Rayon

Rayon is a manufactured regenerated cellulosic fiber, produced from naturally occurring polymers. Because rayon is manufactured from naturally occurring cellulose sources, it is considered a semi-synthetic fiber. Rayon is also called Faux Silk, Artificial Silk, Viscose Rayon.

With this fiber, cleaning technicians will be challenged by fiber loss due to abrasion or bending of the yarn, especially when it is wet. Rayon should be considered a decorative fiber with a practical life of one year or less.

Some general guidelines to follow when cleaning include:

  • Vacuum it without a beater bar (with suction only)
  • Use the dry compound extraction cleaning method with the softest brush possible.
  • If the fibers are wet, dry them quickly to avoid a total loss.

Knowing the issues associated with each type of fiber will help professional cleaning technicians achieve the best results. With the appropriate methods, tools, and products, cleaning technicians will be able to handle any challenge they encounter—leaving behind a cleaner space and satisfied clients.

Reference: Fiber Cleaning Challenges

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