The Benefits of Carpet over Hardwood

Carpet offers warmth and softness

Carpet flooring is softer to the feel than hardwood and creates an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort for children, and family rooms. Standing or sitting for long periods on hardwood may lead to aches in the ankles and knees.


There are many options for color and design with carpets than with other floor covering, and an opportunity to redecorate. If aesthetics is a factor in your home, then carpeting offers more options than hardwood.


Carpet is significantly less expensive than hardwood. Generally, a high-quality carpet could be installed at about half the price of a hardwood floor with the same space requirements. Carpeting has insulation value in the winter that consequently helps you reduce your energy cost. The thinnest rug is a better insulator than wood.

Noise-Reducing Properties

Carpet is not just softer to walk on, they are also quieter. Wood is generally noisier than a carpet and echoes more loudly. When installed on upper levels, people below complain about the noise it makes. If noise pollution levels in your home are a consideration or you need better acoustics for work or play, such as watching movies, then carpeting is the best bet.

Safety Considerations

Falling on a carpet is less likely. If a fall does occur it is better if it happens on carpeted flooring over hardwood floor as injuries are limited if any. This makes carpets better for homes with children as they can use the entire floor as a play area. Falls on hardwood easily lead to broken objects and bodily injuries.


It was once thought that hardwood floors made for better air quality in rooms. However, newer research has shown that carpets trap and immobilize allergenic particles. Hardwood, on the contrary, leaves them to settle on the surface, where they are constantly being stirred up by movement on the floor.

Daily Maintenance

Cleaning hardwood floors is more time-consuming than cleaning carpet. There are many stages. First, you sweep then mop and then wait for the floor to dry. To clean carpet, all you have to do is simply vacuum it. Vacuuming hardwood floors is not very effective, because of the smoothness of the surface.

It is recommended that you have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once a year to remove embedded dirt, dust, and allergens.

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