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A PTAC (packaged terminal air conditioner) is a ductless, self-contained air conditioning unit that heats and cools small areas. They are used under the windows of many hotels and motels. PTACs are used as a way to cut costs and increase energy efficiency in hotels, hospitals, senior residential facilities, apartments, and residential add-ons, like sunrooms.

PTACs come in four different cooling capacities ranging from 7,000 BTUs to 17,000 BTUs. They are made by many different manufacturers, including Amana, GE, Train, Friedrich, and LG and operate on 220 volts.

Commercial buildings benefit from installing PTAC units. In residential homes, a PTAC unit can be added to areas like lofts and attics that are hard to cool. They also work well in sunrooms. Using a PTAC in these places means the homeowner does not have to add new ductwork that’s connected to the existing HVAC system.

With the increase of people purchasing tiny homes, they have become popular for both heating and cooling, as they take up little space.

How often should a PTAC unit be cleaned?

PTAC manufacturers suggest having a complete cleaning at least once per year or more if required. In dusty or corrosive environments such as near construction sites, cleaning should be performed more often, sometimes up to four times a year.

Lakeshore Cleaning & Restoration uses our 6-step vacuuming, sanitizing & high-pressured steam cleaning process. Once the unit has been cleaned, we place a sanitizing bar in the pan to keep the unit smelling fresh until the next cleaning in 12 months’ time. The cleaning of PTAC units on a regular basis allows for better airflow and increased efficiency.

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