Workstation Panel Cleaning

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While many firms have their carpet and chairs cleaned on a regular basis, that may not be the case with their workstation panels and wall fabric. These items can hold just as much soil and dust as your carpet, so they should also be cleaned on a regular basis.

Scheduled panel maintenance saves money and lengthens the life of the furniture.

Without regular work station panel cleaning, the life of your office furniture is significantly shortened, costing you more money in the long run. 

Reasons to Clean Panels Regularly

Discourage Clutter – The cleanliness of your office environment affects the health and attitude of your employees. Do most of your employees spend the bulk of their day surrounded by workstation panels? If cubicle walls are cleaned on regular basis employees have an opportunity to rearrange and discard old photos and mementoes from the walls. A clean, organized space leads to a clearer organized mind and more productive workers!

Reduce Allergies – Freshly cleaned cubicle panels will reduce any harmful airborne pathogens and unpleasant odors. If they are kept clean, they can act as filters and not a source for contaminants in the office. 

Remove unsightly stains – Your fabric cubicle walls are going to get stained. An employee will spill coffee or soda or splatter catsup or salad dressing. On a daily basis your employees will touch your office’s cubicle walls with their dirty hands and fingers. A good deep cleaning can remove stains and bodily oils while keeping your cubicle walls looking great for your employees and visitors

Lakeshore Cleaning and Restoration can clean all types of fabrics, leather and workstation panels. If your workstation panels are in need of a fresh new look contact Lakeshore Cleaning at (905) 465-2337 to schedule an appointment today!

Lakeshore call also clean any carpets in your office space. 


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