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Cleaning Products for Stained Carpets and Rugs

There are myriad ways to obtain stains on your carpet or area rug. Blueberry stains are some of the most noticeable berry stains. The deep color that blueberries leave behind is hard to miss. The quicker you are able to treat the stain, the better! Lakeshore Cleaning and Restorations works with some great Cleaning Product […]

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Is your Area Rug feeling tired?

We have all been home more these past few months, home schooling, working from home, and cooking a lot more! This may be harder on your area rugs than usual with more constant traffic and lounging watching Netflix. We have become more relaxed as a way to de-stress and perhaps you are eating more away […]

Commonly Asked Questions about Carpet

Why is my new carpet shedding? Loose fibers or balls of fluff found on carpet or in your vacuum cleaner bag is normal with a new carpet. Removing these loose fibers does not affect carpet life or appearance. Most shedding gradually disappears within the first year after installation. What can I do about static? When […]

How to Clean Puppy Pee from a Carpet

You’ve heard the saying that a dog is man’s best friend, right? But even the very best of friends can cause accidents that need solutions. Whether you are potty training your puppy or your dog was alone too long, at some point in your dog-owning years, you will most likely experience a dog pee accident […]

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How To Clean Vomit out of Carpet

With the cold and flu season in full swing and family members likely to overindulge in holiday treats, you may want to learn a few cleaning tricks! Cleaning vomit from your carpet is an unpleasant experience that most people have to go through at some point. The next time your toddler has an upset stomach, […]

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Is there a right Season to get the most out of Professional Carpet Cleaning.

Deciding on the  best time to clean your carpets may depend on your location and your lifestyle. Check out the following benefits you can expect in each season from a scheduled carpet cleaning. Spring Spring is one of the most popular seasons for a professional carpet cleaning. Fresh air and windows open to let it […]

The Benefits of Carpet over Hardwood

Carpet offers warmth and softness Carpet flooring is softer to the feel than hardwood and creates an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort for children, and family rooms. Standing or sitting for long periods on hardwood may lead to aches in the ankles and knees. Aesthetics There are many options for color and design with carpets […]

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Of all the furnishings in a home or office, the carpet has the most direct traffic which contributes to accumulated dirt and wear and tear. It is important to keep the carpet clean and well maintained to keep it looking new and increase its longevity. 4 Benefits of Carpet Cleaning 1. Extends the life of your carpet […]

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Can I Clean my Area Rug myself?

A hand-knotted Oriental rug can cost thousands of dollars, and with proper care can last a lifetime. Oriental and area rugs are valuable investments that can be a beautiful centerpiece and the main focal point of any room in your home. Over time, your rugs experience a large amount of foot traffic and can become […]

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Is Steam Cleaning Safe for Cleaning Tile & Grout?

The best method for cleaning grout is definitely steam cleaning! Tiles can make for a beautiful floor. Grout is a porous substance that is subject to staining by dirty mop water, spillage, and other contaminants, which can leave your floor looking perpetually dirty. Trying to clean and protect your tile and grout floors in your […]

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